Who we are?


San Justo S.A.

A Company in Constant Expansion

San Justo SAICA is born the 20 of August of 1962, by restlessness of the gentlemen Rochi, To be accustomed to, Pedrazolli, Olasso, among others; as it plants impregnadora of posts with salts - chemical agent - being first of the Province of Santa Fe, and the third a National level

In 1975 it is gotten up to the company like partner manager, engineer Hernán N. Costa, that adds to the Industry the elaboration to him - as of 1983 - of reinforced concrete posts vibrated and prestressed, activity that gives to push and different characteristics him since she is the unique one in the country that industrializes posts of wood and cement in simultaneous form.

In 1993 the engineer Coast acquires the actions being since then, San Justo S.A. the trade name. With concerted effort, investing in dedication, and creativity the company was growing and acquiring new technology of transport, loads and unloads, transport means, reason why today it counts on eight own units, properly equipped, with radio and telephone for his choferes.

The Wood Posts. They are of originating eucalyptuses of Between Rivers or loaded Currents and arrive at plant with special cranes. During 4 months they remain parked once so that they lose his humidity, in San Justo, are classified and packed by measures and thickness of 7 to 14 m.s, medium and heavy. Commercialization. Once decided the price and downtime it is let now the client whom it sends to the one in charge to receive posts, this it chooses and it supervises each one - it must be right, and without requisite knots and splits that if they are not fulfilled are reason by ricochet. Soon samples are extracted that are analyzed in laboratory and testify the degree of concentration of the creosote. The monthly capacity of production is of 5000 monthly posts, with a maximum of 10000.

The Concrete Posts. The elaboration program is more stable and regular because it does not influence the factor climate. The structure becomes of iron, soon they go to molds - of there the name of pre-molded - and steam for its express occurs them sets. Soon they are stripped and they piled up. Commercialization. Also in these resistance tests are made before being given. In order to approve this merchandise, that receives them, it makes bend with a maquina, exerting a force determined in the ends. The monthly production stándart is of 500 columns.

Commercialization. Used mainly for telephone lines - Telecom, Telephone, Cablevideos- and companies of electrical energy of discharge and low voltage EPE, EPEC, among others.

At the present time, by requirements of professionals and friends, and by not to say it, also by the difficult moment that to all surrounds, begins the sale of construction equipments.

An interesting newness, is the initiation in the construction of: comederos for feed; tubes for culverts of 50, 60 and 80 cm; water throughs of concrete for property and concrete posts for walls (Olympic). Another newness for the city is the elaboration of the concrete in the plant soon to transport it to the work in construction.

San Justo S.A. finally aspires to be transferred to the zone or industrial park, stops of that way to take refuge in the benefits that they would imply, also being posesionando before the other two companies of the heading, been in other provinces, that count on these prerogatives.

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